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Sajee Yoga Master or Sajeevan A.M, holds an Advanced Teacher Training Certificate (ATTC) in Sivananda Yoga studies and studies of Vedanta (Non-dual Philosophy). Sajee has a special talent for training Yoga students, with his charismatic personality and warm presence. He has extensive experience in Hatha Yoga practice and Yoga philosophy. Sajee is a well established yoga teacher in Cochin, Kerala and he has been teaching Hatha Yoga for the last 8 years. His own Santhi Yoga School has been in operation at his residence in Cochin, for six years now.

For the last 25 years, Sajee has followed spiritual life, guide by Narayana Guru and Ramana Maharshi.  In his yoga practice Sajee has trained students and yoga teachers from all over the world. Sajee is well known in his home town and his students come from all over the world. Some of his students have invited him to take his practice out of Cochin to other countries.

Overseas Yoga Ventures

from 2009 to 2012 went to some country in Europe for teaching, 2012 went Hong Kong for 14 days to teach, now stop traveling and being at Santhi Yoga School for a full meditation life with celibassy (Brahma Charya)

 shanti_yoga ?Iceland in May for four weeks to teach yoga in Keflavik,

 shanti_yoga ?Latvia in August where he spent three weeks lecturing at Yoga seminars and training yoga teachers,

 shanti_yoga ?Iceland again in September and October where he spent six weeks, teaching yoga for beginners and advanced students in Keflavik and Reykjavik, lectured about Yoga Philosophy and Spirituality at Healing the Healers Conference and did a workshop with the Yoga Teachers Association of Iceland, visited the jail in Iceland giving hope to life the prisoners, how to be a new awaken man is the subject

Travel plans for 2011: Sajee has been invited to visit Latvia in 2011 to participate in Teacher Training Course for four weeks and to Iceland for six week to train Yoga students and teachers and also to England for a three week Yoga workshop at a country hotel. 2012 was visited in Norway, France Latvia and Iceland for yoga workshops seminars teachers training and yoga classes

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