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Santhi Yoga School Philosophy – Sajee Yoga

The practice of Yoga makes the body strong and flexible and it also improves the bodily functions of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. The ultimate aim is one of self-development, liberation and self-realization.

At Santhi Yoga School we teach Hatha Yoga from the Sivananda Tradition with the focus of bringing students into peace of mind and ultimately moving towards spiritual enlightenment – and we call it Sajee Yoga. In meditation through the practice of asanas we provide the knowledge of unity consciousness and teachings on the Vedanta Philosophy (Non-dual Philosophy). Practicing yoga this way brings awareness and spiritual insight into yoga and the meaning of life.

Yoga Definition

Yoga is "the science of life" and Yoga means:

 shanti_yoga A union of the mind, body and spirit with the Divine
 shanti_yoga A certain state of consciousness both individual and universal
 shanti_yoga A method to help us reach this goal

One of the paths of Yoga is Hatha Yoga. The aim of Hatha Yoga is to naturally reach this goal by obtaining a healthy body and mind which will lead us to spiritual evolvement and towards liberation.

Five Principles of Yoga

Our teachings are based on the five principles of Yoga and focus on the spiritual practice and experience of yoga through all the principles.

 shanti_yoga Asana                           : Proper Exercise
 shanti_yoga Pranayama                 : Proper Breathing
 shanti_yoga Savasana                    : Proper Relaxation
 shanti_yoga Sattvic                         : Proper Diet
 shanti_yoga Vedanta & Dhyana    : Positive Thinking and Meditation

Regular Practice of:

 shanti_yoga Yoga postures provide strong, healthy body through flexibility and improved circulation

 shanti_yoga Breathing exercises provide deep and conscious breathing which reduces stress and sickness.

 shanti_yoga Sattvic diet provides proper nutrition, easy digestion and positive effects on mind, body and environment as well as on all living beings.

 shanti_yoga Positive thinking and meditation provide the keys to achieving peace of mind and eliminating negativity in our lives 

The Aim of Yoga

The aim of Yoga is to monitor the body and mind in a nutritional manner with a ritual discipline in practice. The practice of yoga attracts those who want to master physical flexibility and strength in the body. On this journey we discover an inwards path to self fulfillment and healing of mind and body. While peeling off layers of human condition with Yoga practice, we are lead to spiritual evolvement and to discovery of the path of liberation and self enlightenment.

Origin of Yoga

The origin of Yoga (Originally called Yogam) remains a topic of much discussion. Most appreciated belief is that the practice of Yoga is about 5000 years old, with its first recordings in 3000BC. However, some scholars lay claim to link this rich and deeply spiritual tradition as early as with Shamanism in the Stone Age.

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